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Samsco Water Evaporator:  A Case Study

Largest material handling company in New England
simplifies its washwater disposal by eliminating sewer discharge.

The Company

Hyster New England, the largest company of its kind in New England, and one of the ten largest Hyster dealers in the nation is a full-service material handling company.  They provide new and used lift trucks from 2,500 to 105,000 lb capacities, as well as aerial equipment to rent, lease, or buy.

The Challenge

Hyster New England’s newest facility in North Billerica, MA was looking for the most efficient way to handle the wastewater from their wash bays.  Discharge to the local municipal sewer was not an option, since they were unable to obtain a permit to discharge the water containing oil and grease.

A recycling system had been installed at another Hyster New England facility, but that method proved to be costly and labor-intensive—and still left them faced with meeting local sewer discharge regulations. In addition, recycling of the wash water provided inconsistent quality in the cleanliness of the equipment. This was unac-ceptable to the quality-conscious organization.

The task was to:

  • Eliminate sewer discharge.and its accountability.
  • Secure a solution with high reliability and consistent uptime
  • Minimize operating cost
  • Minimize maintenance requirements while maintaining consistent wash water quality

The Solution

Hyster New England’s Oper-ations Manager, Jeff Lakin, was familiar with the Samsco Water Evaporator having had a suc-cessful installation at their Concord, NH facility.

When a new facility opened in North Billerica, MA, Jeff con-tacted Greg Sullivan, an Application Engineer with Samsco, and determined that evaporation would again provide the best solution for their wash water disposal.

After conducting a Functional Pilot Test on a sample of the actual fork lift wash water waste, and determining the projected volumes, Greg was able to recommend the Samsco Series 500 CRA Evaporator.

The Result

  • Wastewater is reduced by ~  99%
  • Minimal labor time is used to operate system
  • Zero liquid discharge to drain
  • Clean, fresh water is used for all cleaning

System Overview

Streams:    Forklift Wash consisting of cleaners, oil, grease and dirt
Model:  Samsco Series 500 Wastewater Evaporator (15 GPH)
Material of Construction:  Stainless Steel
Energy Source:  Natural Gas
Reduction in Volume:  ~ 99%
Options:  Holding tanks and pumps for Automatic Operation
Footprint:    85.5” x 22.5”

Installation Schematic



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