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The Samsco Difference

Samsco WasteSaver Wastewater Evaporator SystemAs the market leader in evaporation and distillation technology, Samsco brings a unique perspective to the issues and concerns of industrial wastewater management. This perspective is gained from more than twenty years of real-world experience in the design, manufacture, and application of evaporative systems.

Samsco’s experience and leadership in evaporating wastewater provides our clients with a level of service and commitment unsurpassed in the wastewater treatment industry. There are many advantages in both our equipment and services that support our leadership status. Please take a moment to review just a few of the advantages Samsco clients experience.

A design philosophy that assures optimum performance:

Every Samsco evaporator incorporates a design that is reliable, superbly engineered, and elegantly simple. Samsco evaporator users know they can rely on consistent performance, safety, and ease-of-use. Without exception, Samsco evaporators incorporate unsurpassed quality in both construction and components. In short, we use the best components, safety sensors, heat exchangers, process controls, and corrosion-resistant materials--all geared toward providing our clients with years of trouble-free service.

An outstanding track record of thousands of installations:

Samsco’s experience is not limited to a specific industry, locale, or waste stream chemistry. Our environmental experts have analyzed tens of thousands of waste streams and have satisfied our clients across diverse industries with varying applications and often-complex wastewater chemistries. Samsco can point to thousands of installation sites where clients of long standing (and of Fortune 500 fame) testify to the excellence of our product design, system performance and after-sale client support.

Technical expertise and experience that is unmatched:

Samsco believes the most productive process is both consultative and comprehensive in nature. With this in mind, we develop every evaporator system using the combined experience of a team of Samsco Evaporator technical experts. This team is ready to address the many complex issues that typically arise when determining an optimum wastewater disposal system.

Wastewater stream evaluation:

It is Samsco’s basic philosophy that, while evaporators themselves should be simple, successful wastewater disposal through evaporation requires very reliable controls and an experienced partner who can keep the process simple and the results predictable.

These predictable results are generated through our waste stream analysis. We were the first to establish a laboratory evaluation, and today we provide the most comprehensive and defined procedure evaluation (pilot study) in the marketplace. The main objective of this evaluation is to provide Samsco and our clients a comfort level that the application is appropriate, and that the installation will be successful.

Unparalleled client support:

And finally, Samsco clients know that they can depend on a level of client service rarely seen today. Our staff of experienced Client Service Engineers is dedicated solely to support—from pre-installation and start-up throughout the system’s operating life. And as many long-time clients can attest, that is typically many, many years.

Of equal importance, Samsco maintains a complete documentation center on your specific evaporative system. It includes complete information on your waste streams, regulatory testing/records, facility-layout drawings, and custom design work, and Samsco’s recommendations on your operating and maintenance procedures.

Samsco’s documentation center also preserves a complete history—forever—of all the discussions between you and our Client Service Engineers. These archives are valuable references for the future. The historical documentation has become invaluable for clients, as they review proposed changes to their current processes, deal with staff turnover, and plan for the future.

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