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SAMSCO provides annual contracts for multiple on-site service visits. Such contracts yield significant savings. Clients may pre-buy any number of annual on-site service visits per contract. At least two (2) visits must be scheduled at the time of purchase. Additional allowance for emergency visits may be included in the contract. Clients with multiple locations may buy one contract for all locations.

On-site Services Available:

Pre-installation consultation

  • Meet with contractors or in house installers
  • Review of installation site, identification of installation issues
  • Integration of evaporator into process
  • Review of residue removal, handling and storage requirements

Supervised on-site start-up and training

  • Process Overview: Concept of Evaporation; Appropriate Waste Streams; Wastewater Chemistry
  • Installation & Startup: Pre-install preparation; Typical system installation; Holding Tank Issues; pH adjustment
  • Operation: Controls and indicators; Safety Systems; Establishing waste-specific cycles; Removing oils, solids and liquid concentrates; Combustion testing
  • Routine/Preventive Maintenance: Specific Maintenance issues; Recommended spare parts

Scheduled periodic service visits:

Hardware Review
  • Calibration of level controls
  • Verify proper function and calibration of all safeties and alarm indicators
  • Inspection of fan condition
  • Inspect and clean burner, flame sensor, spark rod
  • Inspect heat exchanger
On-site Process Review
  • Review of procedures and process
  • Review of client logs
Recommissioning Evaporator
  • Restart, check energy output, combustion (for gas units), and overall operation
Training and Updating
  • Training of new employees, answer questions of current personnel
On-site troubleshooting
  • Direct troubleshooting of evaporator
  • Evaluation of installation
  • Identification of changes to installation or evaporator
  • Process conditions and suggestions
  • Equipment operation suggestions
Parts Replacement (Warranty/Non-warranty/Retrofits)


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