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The SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Trade Show & Conference is for those who are involved with enhancing their business offering to work efficiently within the global supply chain network. This event draws professionals who manage production and distribution throughout the world and into the hands of customers.

SUR/FIN’s Surface Technology Initiative highlights surface finishing’s crucial contributions to the automotive, aerospace and countless other industries. Attendees receive innovative ideas for building supply systems that increase efficiencies and company profits.

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About Poly Products

Poly Products has been in business since 1988. It was originally founded by Bill Yates and was then purchased by Walter F. Senney in 1997.

The initial use of the Poly Products Evaporative Tank was intended for the plating industry for dragout recovery of rinse water and ‘close the loop’ to a Zero Discharge Facility. Today, Creative minds have found many other ways to optimize production by using the ET-III-W evaporator including wastewater Minimization.

Poly Products has played a significant role in “Saving the Earth’s Environment through Recycling and Recovery" in the USA as well as being used all over the world, wherever evaporation is required, from Mexico to Canada, Japan to Vietnam Nam, Indonesia to China and all throughout Europe.

The Poly Products evaporators are commonly used in a variety of industries including automotive, construction and sanitation, machine coolant, metal finishing, parts cleaning, DI regeneration waste, RO regeneration waste, Air Scrubber waste, air compressor condensate, ink and dyes, landfill runoff, or anything that is not allowed to go down the drain, and anywhere a bi-product is expensive to haul away.

Because of environmental awareness and conservation, evaporators are now being more commonly used to close the loop and eliminate the drain.

We are continuing to explore other industries and applications for evaporation. We work closely with our sister companies, which allows us to be your single source for all aspects of wastewater treatment from complete wastewater treatment systems to individual components like filter presses, clarifiers, evaporators and deionizers.

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Samsco has been featured in, and published a number of articles. We have also provided some of our Case Studies that exemplify our products and services.

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