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Evaporators - A Design Philosophy
That Assures Optimum Performance

Every Samsco Evaporator is designed to continuously concentrate water-based chemicals under harsh, ever-changing conditions. This demands uncompromising attention to system design, materials of construction, component selection, and safe process control logic.

Samsco Water Evaporators are available in varying technologies, so that we can provide the best solution to virtually any wastewater disposal problem Samsco Water Evaporator II

Samsco Water Evaporator II

The SAMSCO Water Evaporator II reduces wastewater volumes up to 99%. Samsco’s flagship product, the thermal SWE-II Sentry System, has been helping clients solve their industrial wastewater disposal problems for over twenty years. Single units evaporate from 8-150 gallons per hour, but may be combined to dispose of volumes up to several million gallons per year.

Samsco WaterSaver (Vacuum Distillation Evaporator)Samsco WasteSaver Wastewater Evaporator System

The SAMSCO WasteSaver™ Vacuum Distillation Evaporator recycles and recovers process wastewater for reuse The steam-heated, dual-effect WasteSaver™ maximizes efficiency by reusing process steam. This double use of process steam dramatically cuts energy costs. In addition, the patented EVAC™ liquid transfer system separates and returns to process, clean, distilled water. The units process from 50-2400 gallons per hour.

Envirostill MVR EvaporatorSamsco Envirostill MVR Wastewater Evaporator System

The SAMSCO EnviroStill is a highly energy-efficient, vacuum-aided, mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator.

The EnviroStill boils water under vacuum, and the vapor released from the boiling solution is compressed, and then condenses, yielding latent heat of vaporization, which is used to evaporate more liquid. Because most of the process heat is recovered and recycled, overall specific energy requirements are dramatically reduced, saving thousands of dollars in annual operating costs. The units process from 50-1500 gallons per hour.

Water Treatment TechnologiesSamsco Water Treatment Technologies Machinery

Samsco also offers wastewater treatment technologies, including Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange, when a complete turnkey package best meets our clients’ needs.

Poly Atmospheric EvaporatorsSamsco Water Treatment Technologies Machinery

The ET-III-W atmospheric wastewater evaporator is designed specifically to evaporate water from solutions with high solids content. This particular design eliminates any small, entrapping passages. The up AND down-draft spraying at very high flow rates produces high evaporation at moderate temperatures.

Auxiliary InformationSamsco Water Treatment Technologies Machinery

Filter Presses - A filter press is used anywhere there is a need to separate heavy solids from a liquid.

Clarifiers - Settles out solids into slurry by gravity feeding the wastewater from the top of the unit directly to the bottom, and forcing the water back up through the plate packs. Solids settle in the bottom cone section as thick slurry.

Sludge Dryers - The cake from a filter press can be reduced by as much as 4:1 by utilizing a sludge dryer.

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