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Samsco Envirostill MVR Wastewater Evaporator SystemSamsco Envirostill MVR

The Samsco EnviroStill MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) evaporator represents a major advancement in evaporation technology. By combining Vacuum and MVR in a single, compact, low-capital system, thousands of dollars in annual operating costs can be saved.

Energy is the single largest component of operating costs in many wastewater treatment systems, and particularly is this so with distillation, where it generally accounts for 50-70% of total operating costs. The Samsco EnviroStill MVR Evaporator uses metal plate heat exchange technology, which recycles energy within the system, effectively multiplying energy input from 15 to 30 times, which dramatically lowers energy consumption.

Specific features of the EnviroStill MVR Evaporator include:

  • Metal plate heat exchange technology recycles energy for maximum efficiency
  • Vacuum-induced low vapor temperature
  • Easy to operate automated controls and built-in automatic cleaning
  • Produces high purity distilled water without need for separate condenser and cooling tower
  • No discharge to atmosphere
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Small physical footprint

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