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Samsco Water Evaporator II Principles of Operation

Samsco Water Evaporator II Procedure Diagram

  • Wastewater is fed to tank as required at (A).
  • Blower (C) draws air stream into tank at (E) to remove vapors. Blower also draws combustion air into burner at (D). Heat exchanger (B) contains combustion gas, preventing its release into tank.
  • Heat exchanger causes water to boil. Air moving over boiling surface (F) captures water vapor.
  • Moisture-saturated air leaves tank through coalescing mist eliminator where oil/water droplets are removed and clean steam passes into manifold at (G).
  • Flue gas (H) joins water vapor at blower manifold entrance—not exhausted into tank.
  • Air streams—environmentally approved—are mixed in blower and exhausted through stack to atmosphere (I).
  • When boiling is interrupted, oils—freed from emulsion—float to surface and are decanted at trough (J) automatically, or manually.
  • Solids settle to tank’s sloping trough floor (L) and are removed with concentrated liquid through large clean-out port (K).

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