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Samsco WasteSaver (Vacuum Distillation)

Samsco WasteSaver Wastewater Evaporator SystemSamsco WasteSaver System Details

Technical Details

  • 'Zero Discharge' 'Closed Loop': Recovery and reuse of chemicals and water, thereby eliminating chemical treatment/disposal and saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Distilled Water Quality: The Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator supplies distilled water for reuse. Utilizing distilled water in your process eliminates build up of contaminants and increases process quality.
  • Eliminate Sewer/Air Discharge: Utilizing the Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator will eliminate both sewer discharge and air emissions.
  • Reduce Hauling & Disposal Costs: The Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator will substantially reduce liquid volume by removing water and concentrating the chemicals. You can save thousands of dollars by reducing the volume being hauled off site.
  • Comply with EPA & State Mandates: The WasteSaver allows you to comply with regulations requiring companies to reduce water usage and to recycle.
  • Other Advantages Include: No pumps required to move distillate, concentrate, vacuum, or heat. No refrigerants or air emissions. Low operating costs and compact/low profile design. User-friendly, maintenance-free design.

Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator "Committed to a Cleaner Environment"

WasteSaver™ Technology--Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse
Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator Vacuum Distillation Systems are utilized in a wide variety of industries to process contaminated industrial wastewater. The benefits from implementing our vacuum distillation technology include the following: recovery and re use of process water, recovery and re use of chemicals (e.g., plating solutions), and significant waste volume reduction where concentrated chemicals cannot be reused. These benefits can help you achieve ZERO DISCHARGE. Typical Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator Vacuum Distillation System investments have a payback of one to three years, allowing you to profit from the benefits of compliance both today and in the future.

WasteSaver™ Performance--Reliability, Repeatability, Reassurance
Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator systems are virtually maintenance free and are constructed of the highest quality materials available on the market. Our patented EVAC Pumpless Liquid Transfer System eliminates costly maintenance associated with vacuum pumps and liquid pumps. There are not any resins to change or regenerate, no membranes to foul, no filters that require replacement or back flushing, and no air discharge. All Samsco WasteSaver Evaporator units come complete with state-of-the-art PLC Controls and panel view operator interface panels.

System Components

Base Frame:
All system components are mounted to a common steel base frame which is two-part epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. The process chambers, electrical cabinet, distillate and concentrate cylinders, and piping system are all mounted to the common base frame.

Process Chambers: The process chambers are manufactured in halves and are welded together at the midsection. A sight glass is mounted to the process chamber for visual inspection of the interior. Heating and cooling bundles are installed in the process chamber utilizing flange mounts. Hypalon material is utilized for all gaskets.

Two-Stage Mist Eliminator System:
The Mist Eliminator System is provided in the process chamber to prevent mist and/or water droplets from rising through the chamber and contaminating the distillate. Bolt-up, slide-in trays allow for easy removal of the mesh pads for periodic cleaning.

EVAC Pumpless Liquid Transfer System:
The patented EVAC Pumpless Liquid Transfer System (U.S. Patent #4613412) is one of the biggest breakthroughs in vacuum distillation technology in the past century. This unique invention eliminates distillate, concentrate, and vacuum pumps normally utilized in vacuum distillation.

The EVAC System provides the following advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for distillate, concentrate, and vacuum pumps.
  • Eliminates costly pump maintenance, replacement, and associated down time.
  • Eliminates any possible volatile air discharge from a vacuum pump.
  • Eliminates spare parts inventories for pumps.
  • Eliminates electrical hazards associated with pumps.

How the EVAC System Works:
A state of the art eductor is utilized to create a vacuum in the processing chambers, piping system, and in the distillate/concentrate storage chambers. The eductor eliminates the need for a vacuum pump.

Distilled water and process concentrate are automatically removed from the process chamber(s) by vacuum to acrylic storage chambers. The liquid is discharged from the storage chambers by applying compressed air.

Distillate Quality Monitoring System:
The Distillate Monitoring System is automatically controlled by the electrical panel. This will ensure that quality water is sent back for reuse. A conductivity meter is used to monitor distillate quality. A three way George Fisher Pneumatic valve allows acceptable distillate to be sent back for reuse while unacceptable distillate is automatically diverted back for reprocessing.

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